Kody Korn and the Kiddos

Kody K. Korn is Toby T. Taylor's second cousin twice removed, and, like Toby, he has stars in his eyes. Kody and his kinfolk and kohorts really want to go with Toby when he finally gets his big shot in New Orleans on that big showboat they got down there called the Cottonblossom. You don't want to miss the madcap mayhem as the whole group tries their derndest to put together the act that could make them all stars!


Adapted & Directed by Shane Bridges


Production Dates

June 12 & 13, 2015 at 7:00pm

Hangar PAC, West 9th Street



  • Kody Korn - Sam Kiehl
  • Sally - Ryleigh Beecham
  • Zeb - Cole Powers
  • Elsa - Makayla Blackstock
  • Peter - Jacob Blackstock
  • Cousin Sis - Morgan Kiehl
  • Maxine - Emily Varnick
  • Anna - Anna Varnick
  • Hannah - Hannah Miller
  • Leo - Landon Franks
  • Pup - Jasper Brown
  • Violet - Posey Bridges



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