2016 Toby Show - Star Bores Episode LXXXVIII: A New Dope

Star Bores finds our hero sucked from his Parsons home into an alien world of political intrigue, light saber battles, flatulence, and rap battles. In the wake of Emporer Palpitation's untimely death, Darth Drumpf and Princess Hillarileia race to the Galactic Council to make their respective cases for the Chancellorship! In the words of Toby, "Well, it looks like I've got myself into the middle of some serious star wars here!" The Rivertime Players are closing out their first decade of Toby Shows in Parsons with a big, silly, silent but deadly bang! Because in space, no one can hear you toot!


Written and Directed by Shane Bridges


Production Dates

Sep 23, 24, 30; Oct. 1, 7, 8 - 2016

Show Time 7:30pm, Tent Opens 6:30pm



  • Toby T. Taylor - Shane Bridges
  • Joe/SFX2 - Joe Singletary
  • Posey/Cosey - Posey Bridges
  • Cole/Pole - Cole Powers
  • Hillary/Hillarileia - Dotty Hill
  • Trump/Drumpf - Mark Tubbs
  • Jerry - Jerry Evans
  • Jacob - Jacob Blackstock
  • CPPO - Elicia Spain
  • Juan Bolo - David Taylor
  • Chewin'bacca - Clayton Quinn
  • Betty - MaKayla Blackstock



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