The Worst Talent Show...Ever!

After a lengthy stay in rehab for her marshmallow addiction, Persi is trying to make a comeback as the emcee of a new TV talent show, "Shooting for the Stars." The lineup includes a "singing" alien, a wrestler who wrestles himself, the Wheelbarrow Dancin' Guys, a yodeler, a guy with a lampshade on his head, and many others. In the end, the heckler may be the most entertaining part of this show, which should be called, "Shooting at the Stars"!


Written by R. Eugene Jackson

Directed by Shane Bridges


Production Dates

June 3 & 4, 2016 at 7:00pm

Hangar PAC, West 9th Street



  • Persi - Tiffany Flowers
  • Paul - Blaine Lindsey
  • Jake - Jasper Brown
  • Marian Lotsleftova - Makayla Blackstock
  • Monsieur Fernando - Emily Varnick
  • Rip van Tinkle/Joe - Landon Franks
  • Scarlett O'Hara - Bree Mills
  • Cacie - Anna Varnick
  • Stacie - Sierra Gamble
  • Riley Z. Riley - Dustin Gamble
  • Wonder Boy/Jerome/Alien - Jacob Blackstock
  • Ramona - Haylee Smith
  • Starlet/Prissy Pretty - Hannah Miller
  • Comedian/Smiley/Howard - Cole Powers
  • Heckler/Robb - Weston Flowers
  • Pretty Prissy/Mergatroid/Caroline - Posey Bridges
  • Alien/Petunia Petunia/Early/Lampshade Man - Ryleigh Beecham
  • Herman He-man/Milton - Eston Bridges



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