2015 Toby Show - The Good, the Bad, and the Toby

The Good, the Bad, and the Toby finds our titular character working as a farmhand in Arizona under the direction of ranch foreman with rage issues, Buck Grewsome, who has designs on Molly Medford, a simple gal, who is also the apple of Jack Norton's eye, whose car broke down while travelling from Atlanta with Slate McGyver, who is also smitten with Miss Molly, who doesn't know that her life is being threated by Pale Kildee, a half-breed Navajo gal who just so happens to have had a Navajo wedding ceremony with Buck Grewsome (ranch foreman who has designs on Molly), who has a lackey named Rowdy Stench, who is profoundly confused. Can Toby make sense of this whole situation? Can you? Wild West wackiness is warranteed! Don't miss The Good, the Bad, and the Toby.


Written and Directed by Shane Bridges


Production Dates

Sep 25, 26; Oct. 2, 3, 9, 10 - 2015

Show Time 7:30pm, Tent Opens 6:30pm



  • Toby T. Taylor - Shane Bridges
  • Molly Medford - Elicia Spain
  • Buck Grewsome - Adam Stanford
  • Rowdy Stench - Ivan Hobbs
  • Pale Killdee - MaKayla Blackstock
  • Jack Norton - Mark Tubbs
  • Slate McGyver - David Taylor
  • Clementine - Posey Bridges
  • Roy - Jake Lyles
  • Dale - Amber Lyles
  • Broomhilda - Dotty Hill



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