School Daze

After the loss of their favorite teacher, the children at Peavine Academy prepare to start a new school year and meet the new teacher. But with a name like Ms. Snodgrass, they know things aren't looking good. As the new teacher makes plans for a really special first day, the students are making their own plans to get out of school. That is until the cat is let out of the bag. The students soon warm to Ms. Snodgrass and the school year progresses along. Will Ms. Snodgrass be able to educate this unruly bunch? As the school year draws to a close they are beginning to worry. Will the same fate befall Ms. Snodgrass during the summer vacation? Will they lose another teacher?


Written by Elicia Spain & Mark Tubbs, Directed by Mark Tubbs


Production Date

June 4, 2010



  • Jenni Turner
  • Clayton Quinn
  • Brett Jordan
  • Keisha Lyles
  • Eric Rainy
  • Amber Lyles
  • Hunter Jordan
  • Madison Goff
  • Jake Lyles
  • Natalie Brooks
  • David Taylor
  • Carol Shaw


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