About Us

Rivertime Players are a group of volunteers in Parsons, TN who strive to provide a community-based performing arts organization for the purpose of presenting dramatic and musical theatre; present quality family entertainment; create opportunities for children and adults to develop talents in all aspects of theatre arts; and to foster, promote, and increase the public knowledge and appreciation of the performing arts.

The Rivertime Players were formed when Dr. Dawn Larsen donated to the Parsons Arts Council the last remaining repertory tent show in November 2006. The Rivertime Players are now caretakers of a historic cultural asset that can trace its roots to its founding 125 years ago.

Central to our mission is preserving and continuing the Toby Tent Show experience.

Board of Directors

As a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation we are governed by a Board of Directors.

  • Elicia Spain
  • David Taylor
  • George Pettigrew
  • Dotty Hill
  • Mark Tubbs
  • Judy King
  • Meredith Crosby


Officers and Staff

  • Executive Director - Mark Tubbs
  • Vice-President - Dotty Hill
  • Secretary - Judy King
  • Treasurer - Elicia Spain
  • Artistic Director - Shane Bridges

Specialty License Plates Support the Arts

Rivertime Players promotes the purchase of Tennessee Specialty Arts License Plates. On average 80% of Tennessee Arts Grants are funded by the purchase of Specialty License Plates. For more information about Tennessee Specialty Arts Plates, click on the license plate image.

Specialty Plates
Tennessee Arts Commission
TN 4 Arts
Americans 4 Arts
The Theatre Museum