2013 Toby Show - Meal Ticket

A big city newspaper man is coming to town after buying the local paper. As fate would have it, he employs Toby and moves into the local boarding house, whose owners have little money but a lovely daughter. Will the city slicker take advantage of the poor family (and their daughter) or will Toby and friends take him for a ride? Laughs abound in this tickling tale of love and mirth.


Written by Robert LaThey, Directed by Shane Bridges


Production Dates

Sept. 27, Sept. 28, Oct. 4, Oct. 5 2013



  • Pa Hogan - David Taylor
  • Ma Hogan - Dotty Hill
  • Chester Hogan - Hunter Jordan
  • Edna Hogan - Elicia Spain
  • Chestina - Amber Lyles
  • Chester III - Jake Lyles
  • Rich Cradlegroper - Victor Evans
  • Nellie Hogan - Hannah Mills
  • Jewel Taylor - Jenni Turner
  • Toby Taylor - Shane Bridges
  • Jack Daniels - Mark Tubbs



"It was well worth our drive from Nashville."

"We have never laughed so hard in our lives."

"It was hilarious!"

"This is the best one yet!"



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