2023 Toby Show - FrankenToby: Rise of the Machines

Lexington sisters Parsley and Sage pack up and move to a charming little bed and breakfast in Parsons, but this particular B&B has an AIR... of mystery.  A decade ago there were a series of disappearances and dancing zombie sightings which centered around this very inn.  Parsley and Sage soon find out that their new farmhouse is full of frightening and freaky freeloaders intent on taking over the world with the power of artificial intelligence. Can Toby manifest another escape from the clutches of evil Dr. Victor Bubbastein? Don't miss the Rivertime Players' 17th year of tent show entertainment!  Halloween fun for the whole family!


Written and Directed by Shane Bridges


Production Dates

Sep 29, 30, Oct 6, 7, 13, 14 - 2023

Show Time 7:30pm, Tent Opens 6:30pm



  • Toby T. Taylor - Shane Bridges
  • Parsley Late - Meredith Crosby
  • Sage Late - Emily Keeton
  • Milton Humperdink - Ivan Hobbs
  • Wyatt - Jacob King
  • Gary - Houston Starrett
  • Cady - Posey Bridges
  • Eyesore - Mark Tubbs
  • Stye - Jerry Evans
  • Clem - David Taylor
  • Willy - Levi Starrett



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