2017 Toby Show - TSI:PARSONS - Toby Stupid Investigator

Toby got his crime scene investigation kit in the mail today, and not a moment too soon! Big shots from Music City are renting the Anderson house for the weekend, but one of them ain't gonna be making the return trip. Can Toby use his newfound forensic skills to find the murderer? Our first Toby Show murder mystery promises to be to die for!


Written and Directed by Shane Bridges

Adapted from The Vulture by Neil Schaffner


Production Dates

Sep 29, 30; Oct. 6, 7, 13, 14 - 2017

Show Time 7:30pm, Tent Opens 6:30pm



  • Toby T. Taylor - Shane Bridges
  • Andelusia Anderson - Dotty Hill
  • Will Belmont - Ivan Hobbs
  • Olivia - Posey Bridges
  • Cole - Cole Powers
  • Joe - Joe Singletary
  • Catharine Belmont - Alyssa Brittain
  • Carl Thomas - Bryan McDonald
  • Celeste - Elicia Spain
  • Graham - David Taylor
  • Buckhart - Mark Tubbs
  • Cagney - Jerry Evans
  • Lacey - Jacob Blackstock



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