A Writer's MInd

Rider Wright has to write a short story for school, or he'll fail out and have to get a job. His buddy, Julius, comes by to help, but he doesn't have any ideas...and there are so many distractions! Screaming kids, annoying cartoons, video games that have to be played, not to mention the endless TikToks! Things get so bad, they even turn to AI for help, but is that really the help they need? Will Rider write his own story, or will the AI take over?

This inventive tale was written by two of our Young Rivertime Players, Houston Starrett and Jacob King.


Written by Houston Starrett and Jacob King

Directed by Shane Bridges


Production Dates

June 9 & 10, 2023 at 6:30pm

Hangar PAC, West 9th Street



  • Austin Bivens
  • Andrei Bryant
  • Isabelle Gideons
  • River Johnson
  • Ryleigh Johnson
  • Jacob King
  • Harrison Landry
  • Lyla Lee
  • Indigo Luttrell
  • Shiloh Monroe
  • Gunnar Nance
  • Deda Palmer
  • Drew Palmer
  • Anabel Roberts
  • Houston Starrett
  • Levi Starrett
  • Cain Summar
  • Ezra Summar
  • Luka Summar



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